iNexx portal: Interactive Next generation portal - Operations Management Dashboard

Why iNexx portal?

Many companies into Operations Management are using diverse methodologies to track employees KPI, Metrics, Attendance, real-time production details, analytical view and staff availability.

Many SMEs and Large enterprises are dependant on excel tracking which creates lot of Inconsistency in data and there won’t be any real time data where People managers or Line managers can look-up. This will create operation managers end-up spending more time in sorting, analyzing, preparing and presenting the data. Tracking in excel can create huge number of files on Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly basis which will not be helpful in comparing project, staff, attendance & production details for comparative study and progressive improvements of operations of previous years and upcoming years.

iNexx portal will help you to manage all these data at one place and give real-time data.

How iNexx portal can help your Organization?

  • All Employees KPIs, Metrics, attendance, real-time production details, analytical view and staff availability data are automated.

  • Employees Production hrs & Work activity Tracking becomes easy.

  • No more traditional usage of multiple excel sheets

  • Saves time to Supervisors and Managers and help them to invest in other critical business activities.

  • Track staff performance details at one click distance either through Web or Mobile App.

  • Virtual Management comes to reality and easy.

  • No more dependency on people to get the data, as all the data will be open to all Supervisors and Managers over the PC or Mobile.

  • Real-time tracking of Employees activities.

  • You can customize the requirements as per your needs.

  • Feasible to add more analytics details.

  • Export data to different templates as per your requirement.

  • All analytical reports at one place (Attendance %, Output details, Team work hrs Utilization etc.,).