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24 hours in a Detroit ER: on the frontline of America's healthcare debate

Henry Ford hospital is one of the busiest in Michigan, and with many patients on Medicare and Medicaid it stands to be impacted greatly by an Obamacare repeal. As the debate rages, one doctor remains the calm at the center of the storm.

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How Foreign Health Providers Impact U.S. Health Care

Health-care settings hit hardest by health-professional shortages – such as rural safety-net hospitals and neighborhood community centers – are among the most likely to be served by foreign-born doctors and other providers, thanks to visa programs that encourage them to do so. In a new era of proposed travel bans and restrictions, here's a glimpse at the impact of foreign health providers on U.S. patient care.

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Doctors Saving Lives Across Borders: How Immigration Spurs Medical Innovation

In 2009, three years after he earned his medical degree at the University of Damascus, Obeid flew 6,000 miles from his native Syria to the United States, where he’d study pediatric medicine and eventually open his own practice. He’d forge a prosperous career and live in comfort, he figured.

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Importance of reviewing your Medical Practice’s AR Aging Report

It’s pretty much obvious that you as a medical practitioner know the importance and impact of claims getting denied and knowing your billing team is following on them. However, one critical element to understand here is have you arranged your AR into buckets based on the number of days they’ve remained unpaid?

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What type of Reports does your Medical Billing Company provide you to be aware of the revenue status?

It is essential for physician facilities to track monetary performance metrics, as every dollar that falls through the cracks can create an adverse and irredeemable impact on the practice. So, the moot question that arises here is, have you set the Medical billing department goals this year? Do you know the importance of medical billing reports benchmark in your organization? If the answer is no, we suggest you to get all the reports from your designated medical billing and coding company to get an idea of your Revenue management.

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